Take on a challenge of a
different color
Color Chaos is an hour-long, team-based challenge that always ends with a bang.
Through a series of five exciting games, players evade lasers, test their luck, and collect paint points along the way. And then comes the finale: they all get blasted with glowing paint!
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Color Chaos is a series of five exciting games. You'll get to enjoy all of them, while racking up paint points along the way!


All hands on deck.
Get in sync with your team with a challenge that tests hand-eye coordination, teamwork, and communication. You'll work together to control a digital ball of paint through a series of courses that get trickier and trickier as you go.

Laser's Edge

Mission: Flexible
A challenge worthy of your favorite spy thriller! In this top-secret adventure, you'll bend and twist to navigate a series of laser mazes. Dodge your way past the beams to steal major points for your squad.

Dropping Knowledge

Geek out. Score big.
In this game show-style quiz, contestants will get a chance to demonstrate their knowledge and press their luck. Prove your wits with questions about geography, people, sports, and history. You'll either boost your score or put your team in jeopardy.

Freeze Tag

Timing is everything.
Quick reflexes will be key to your success in this lightspeed frenzy. Your team will race around the room to freeze columns of light at just the right moment. Pay close attention. With constantly changing patterns, only the truly nimble will prosper.

Flying Colors

Suit up. Soar high. Have a blast.
Don't worry: you'll be wearing your hazmat suit, mask, and glasses to truly enjoy Color Chaos's explosive finale. You and your teammates copilot a virtual plane through a series of rings to fill a real-life paint cannon with glowing (and washable!) UV colors. The better your team flies, the bigger their splatter will be.

Suit up for Lexington's biggest blast