Common Questions

What is Color Chaos?

Color Chaos is a fun escape like game where you and your team work together to conquer the challenges presented in 5 different rooms. During this challenge your goal is to accumulate as many points as possible, but watch out. The final challenge gets a little messy with paint!
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What is the price for my team?

Our prices are dependent on the number of players in your group. Our rooms are designed to hold 2-6 players at a time. You can find the price for your team on the booking page here.

How many players can we have per room?

Our rooms are designed to accommodate 2-6 players.

Do you actually get sprayed with paint?

Our final game is designed to spray washable paint onto players at the end of your experience. Though all players are provided with protective gear, we do recommend wearing comfortable clothes you wouldn’t mind to get dirty.

What time should my group arrive?

We suggest groups arrive 10-15 minutes before their start time for a briefing on the game and to allow time for your group to fill out waivers. If you would like to fill out your waiver, simply click here.

What is the waiver for?

With physical activity in our rooms, we are required to have a waiver.

Can I bring my baby or young child with me?

Since our games require physical activity and protective suits, we do not advise you bring your baby or small child into the room with you.

Is there an age limit?

Players 12 and under require an adult to be in the room. Players 13 and 14 require an adult to be on the property.

Is there any flexibility with the max capacity per room?

Unfortunately, our rooms are strictly designed to accommodate up to 6 players. Groups with more than 6 players will need to be split into different teams so that everyone can participate in the fun!

How can I celebrate my birthday here?

Color Chaos is the perfect place to come and celebrate your birthday! We do not have additional space for activities outside of the game experience. If you let us know it’s your birthday at the time of booking, we would love to help make this a special memory!

How can I bring my class/corporate team here?

The Color Chaos experience is perfect for a team building activity! You won’t get a good score without working together. For more information, you can reach out to Lukas at

Is there any special pricing for large groups?

Our pricing is set to encourage larger groups to play! The more participants you have, the cheaper your price is per person.

Can we pay when we get to the location?

We do require payment in full at the time of booking and for bookings to be made at least 3 hours in advance.

Can I take pictures/recordings during our experience?

Yes! We want you to cherish and share the memories you make at Color Chaos. There’s no better way to do this than taking the photos and videos you want!

Can my team pay seperately?

It’s best that your group pay together. However, if you would like to pay separate, the price of the individual ticket will vary as each player books. Each additional player will need to call to book as they won’t be able to book separately online. Most guests have communicated to us that it’s an easier experience to pay for everyone up front and split the costs between themselves later. If you have any questions, please give us a call!

What forms of payments are accepted?

We are able to accept all major credit cards and debit cards. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept cash payment.

Do you have to make an appointment in advance?

Since our employees are scheduled based on bookings, we do require bookings be made at least 3 hours in advance. If you are interested in booking within the 3 hour booking window, give us a call and we will do our best to make it happen. If you are ready to book or want to check our schedule, follow the link here!

What is included in the Color Chaos experience?

The Color Chaos experience includes an hour of fun physical and mental challenges leading up to a colorful paint surprise. Each player will be provided with a protective suit. At the end of your experience, all photo and video content taken by Color Chaos will be sent to the player who made the booking.

Is it handicap accessible?

Our rooms are handicap accessible, but if you have specific concerns or questions please reach out to our team.

Does the game include physical activity?

The majority of our rooms require some fine motor activity. Our Laser Maze and Paint Drip rooms require the most physical activity. If you are unsure of the physical requirements, please reach out to our team and speak with your personal Color Chaos representative directly.

Can I still play if I have claustrophobia or Epilepsy?

We would still love for you to participate in the Color Chaos experience. Our rooms do contain fog, flashing lights, and loud noises. You are able to leave the room at anytime if you feel uncomfortable. If you are unsure if you should participate, ask your doctor.

What is the cancellation policy?

Missed game times are non-refundable, but with a 24-hour advancement we are more than happy to reschedule your game time or give you a credit that can apply to a future game, just give our team a call!

What happens if we are late to our appointment?

If you will be late for your appointment, please inform our team as soon as possible. Since the experience is time sensitive, we may need to reschedule your game to another time.

How do we add players to our team?

Want to bring more friends? It’s simple. Just give us a call and we are happy to add them onto your booking. Calling in advance is advised as it makes for a smoother experience when you arrive for your game!

What do I do if my group is larger than 6?

We would be happy to accommodate your group if you have more than 6 players! Give our Color Chaos team a call and we would be happy to help get you booked.

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